Child Custody

Child custody is a term that refers to the legal rights and obligations of parents in regard to their children. In Massachusetts, these rights are created during or following divorce, paternity, or Custody-Support-Parenting Time cases, and later on during modification cases. James Benjamin is an experienced and compassionate child custody lawyer located in Boston, MA, who will vigorously represent you and your child(ren)’s best interests.

There are two basic forms of custody: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody is the amount of time each parent is permitted to physically be with their child. Physical custody can be sole, joint, or primary. Legal custody refers to a parent’s decision-making rights in regard to the health, education, and general well-being of their child. Legal custody can also be sole, joint, or primary.

Child custody decisions take into account the best interests of the child. While this standard may seem a bit fuzzy, it’s important to know that there are a handful of “common sense” principles that serve as guideposts when determining the best interests of the child. These principles include the following:

  • The historical role of each parent in raising and nurturing the child.
  • The future situation of each parent.
  • The personalities, behavior traits, and other status concerns of each parent and child.
  • The child’s personal preference.

Regardless of your situation, you need a child custody attorney to help you and your child(ren) obtain a custody arrangement that is mutually beneficial and treats all parties fairly and with respect. Call the Law Offices of James Benjamin today to see how we can help you through this difficult process.